Travel advice during COVID-19. Insight into global travel restrictions.

Last Updated: 2023-12-10 - Click on country to see the information source

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Step 2: See where you are allowed to travel, according to global COVID-19 travel restrictions

This travel map excludes:
> Availability of transport


Last Updated: 2023-12-10 - Click on country to learn more

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Step 2: See where you are allowed to travel, by standard visa regulations

Note: As a result of COVID-19, some visa on arrivals and visa-free have been suspended

> Essential Movement

Always read the the source info before travelling (find the source information by clicking on a country)

Travel restrictions in CovidTravel do not include:
  1. General Visa Regulations
  2. Availability of transportation (flights, trains, boats, etc.)
  3. Essential movements such as diplomacy, humanitarian help, returning home, are permanent resident or transit
  4. Depending on the country, business and education may also count as essential travel
  5. In some cases only certain forms of transportation are allowed to enter a country (in certain cases a country cannot be entered by crossing land, but only by air)
  6. Specific regions within a country with deviating rules
  7. Governmental recommendations
  8. Some countries conduct health checks when entering the country (in some cases randomly). When failing such a test, CovidTravel's travel restriction may not apply
  9. CovidTravel has received information that in some cases despite of restricitons, travellers were stills allowed to enter. CovidTravel advises strongly to not travel when official sources state it is not allowed.


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